Australian Raven, Lake Esmond, Canadian, Victoria

There are three species of ravens in Australia (and two species of crow). All are colloquially known as “crows”. This image is of an Australian Raven (Corvus coronoides), taken at Lake Esmond this morning. Until recently, these guys have been a bit wary of humans and generally fly away before you get too close. Over the last week or so, they have tended to just stay put as you walk past. This is an adult as the younger ones don’t have the white irises.

Fun fact. Only the Forest Raven occurs in Tasmania. On the mainland, you may come across the Forest Raven in certain areas (like Portland or Wilson’s Promontory in Victoria), but the habitat of the Australian Raven and Little Raven can be the same.

Fun fact 2. The Little Raven was so-named due to it being smaller than the Australian Raven, though the size can overlap between the two species. This makes it difficult to determine which species you are seeing. And the Forest Raven is the largest of the three species. Maybe another case (even if limited) of “Island Gigantism”!

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